About Us

Bromley & Bromley is an independent outlet for the delightful products created by Scabetti. 

Who?! Why?! What is Scabetti?!, I hear you ask, well... 

Scabetti is a design studio set up by husband and wife team, Dominic and Frances Bromley with a simple remit to produce beautiful, sometimes quirky, but always desirable objects, made with pride and quality as locally as possible. Our work ranges from the small ceramic table top items to huge stainless steel installations in cruise ships. Despite the trend to make everything in the hothouses of Asia, we're proud that we can say all our work is made in good ol' Britain.
However, as the scale of our work has grown, we've found that the smaller pieces tend to get a little overshadowed by the more spectacular sculptures on the Scabetti website. So we decided to redress the balance and create a platform specifically for Fish Deluxe & friends, and after many days of mining the depths of our imaginations, we named it...Bromley & Bromley!
As well as the collection currently online, we hope to bring you further marine inspired developments, plus some limited stock we have tucked away of some of the original (now discontinued) Scabetti ceramics - watch this space!